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Busy times

Hi Folks!

Times have been quite busy lately. We’ve launched 3 new websites, last week!

  • Numero uno is a brand website for the peeps of Lannoo Graphics, a department of the Lannoo Publishing Group. Quattro Colori is a young, urban and trendy brand that has all kinds of stationary and from now on: (laptop)bags. We’ve made a clean HTML5 -website with a high focus on the campaign pictures. Check it out!
  • Secundo is a portfolio website for interior designer Vicky Kiekens, who just came to launch her new name ” De Kiekens“. We did something with cows, chickens and a farm (also offline). Go and have a look at our portfolio or visit the project online.
  • Last but not least is the presta webshop “ Light & Shade“, full of design lightning and furniture. We’ve designed an online store where the products (the real deal) really stand out and speak for themselves. If you’re looking for funny gnomes, stark Magis chairs or amazing light objects, Light and Shade is the place to be!