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We’re back

we're back

Yes we are back in business! So don’t hesitate to call us with your questions, comments or for a random chitchat! Oh yes, if you want to read some interesting notes about how to use social media in your business (! in Dutch), go and check out this short dissertation of Hannes Van de Velde. […]

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Holiday Celebrate

Holiday while busy working....

Holiday Celebrate (cf. Madonna, Holiday, 1983) We are off for a little time: from 05/08 – 22/08 to France (du pain, du vin et du boursin, oui oui) In the meanwhile; you should have received a little surprise from us, The Mr. Duke Holiday Book! Have a blast with the little games and PLEASE do […]

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Summertime, is working time @ Mr Duke

Welcome august, welcome summer time, welcome mojito’s on our Mr.Duke terrace, welcome fancy sunglasses, welcome almost holiday trip! But for now, we are working! We are very excited about some new projects we are working on. We are currently redesigning the new website for the European Federation of Nurses (yes NURSES, we know!). We are […]

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