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Holiday Celebrate

Holiday Celebrate
(cf. Madonna, Holiday, 1983)

We are off for a little time: from 05/08 – 22/08 to France (du pain, du vin et du boursin, oui oui) In the meanwhile; you should have received a little surprise from us, The Mr. Duke Holiday Book!

Have a blast with the little games and PLEASE do take part in our Facebook contest! You can win some awesome things by making the coolest moustache picture and post it on our Facebook page. If you, by accident, lost the holiday book, you can also download the moustaches + explanation right here.

It would make us so happy!

If you have not done it by now, like us on Facebook www.facebook.com/mstrduke! Thank you, bye bye!

P.S. for those who have NOT received the holiday book, please let us know and give us your address! We’ll send one right away!