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This is just awesome

Clever integration of UX, design and code. 1 word : W.O.W. Oh yeah, you can use your iPhone as a remote which makes it even more amazing (rock 'n scroll) https://beetle.de    

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Facebook timeline

It's quite a hot topic, the discussion about whether or not the new Facebook changes are cool. Some say the changes are only for the creatives or under 25 's. Other's think they did a good job. We are particularly fond of the new Facebook timeline of the profile.  We

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Draw a Stickman

Sometimes we see things and think: "wow, this is really nice". This morning we came across this really simple but cool concept. We could tell you what happens, but it's sooo much cooler to just check it out yourself! Have fun https://www.drawastickman.com

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(dutch) De winnaars zijn bekend!

Geweldig! Een heleboel mensen deden mee aan onze snorrenwedstrijd! Merci! Nu is het tijd om de winnaars bekend te maken! .... Tromgeroffel..... Rom...Bom...Trom... Een gedeelde 3e plaats voor...Louise Martens met haar "I <3 Mr.Duke" en Geoffrey De Muer & Sébastien Leveillé met "Mediavan vs. Media Belgium" De 2e plaats gaat naar...De

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| Infographic | top 20 most expensive adwords

If you're thinking about investing in a Google Ad Words campaign, have a look at these stats, beautifully designed by Wordstream. Or how Google earns 32,3 billion.  

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