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Hi there

Just a quick post to say: Happy Bday Freddy!

We've always been a fan of Freddy Mercury! He (and Tom Selleck!) has the perfect mustache! So Freddy: a whole ladda love from the Mr. Duke team! Happy bday!! xxx P.S. check www.google.com for a nice Freddy Mercury Doodle!

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Can you do better?

As you all know, we are organizing a little mustache contest on Facebook. Some people have already participated and posted some really cool pics, BUT we think you can do better! COM'ON YOU GUYS, post your superduper mustache pic on our fanpage and win a dinner @ C-Jean , a 15%

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Giggle time! #hotbuns

This morning we saw something that made us laugh, so we wanted to share it with you. Go and check out the new movie the Foo Fighters have made to announce their new tour dates. Oh yeah, WARNING, perhaps nsfw (depending on your office ;-))! https://hotbuns.foofighters.com/

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A bcard doesn’t have to be boring

Once in a while, clients asks us to make bcards for them. As real digital natives, we often hesitate because 1. why not make an about.me  page (it's easier and above all: free!) 2. we do online stuff. But when the briefing is cool or the brand is nice, we sometimes

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Twitter usage

Lab 42  created a really nice infographic about the usage of Twitter. Interesting to discover the main raison why people are following brands. To get discounts!  Something to bear in mind and one to read!

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