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A bcard doesn’t have to be boring

Once in a while, clients asks us to make bcards for them. As real digital natives, we often hesitate because 1. why not make an about.me  page (it’s easier and above all: free!) 2. we do online stuff.

But when the briefing is cool or the brand is nice, we sometimes make exceptions.

Currently we’re working on some business cards for De Kiekens. You can already see a little sneak preview of our concepts and ideas.

During our Google time we’ve came across some other really cool ideas. Here are some of them:

Teaser De Kiekens - Concepts
Foldable bcard (chair)
Clothespin bcard, for a laundry store
Yoga bcard, one of our favourites
Pick your flavour bcard
Bcard for a greek restaurant
Edible bcard, we <3 cookies!