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Peugeot Pinterest campaign

Pinterest is hot right now. This new social network is an online pinboard that let’s people share beautiful things they find on the web. Like any other social network, brands are testing the possibilities of this network as a marketing tool. One of the first ones  to do this in a cool and simple way […]

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IFTT, If this then that

We at Mister Duke are using this already for a while, but we forgot to make a little blogpost about this totally awesome, quite nerdy, tool. IFTTT is a simple, yet powerful service that allows users to set a number of alerts, or “tasks”, that will “trigger” a preset function based on what you set. […]

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How Google changes our memory

At Mister Duke, we love infographics, especially when they contain interesting information. Here’s an infographic about how Google changed our memory and the way we search information. What about you? When was your last time at the library? Source: https://www.blogdumoderateur.com/index.php/post/Comment-Google-modifie-notre-memoire

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This is just awesome

Clever integration of UX, design and code. 1 word : W.O.W. Oh yeah, you can use your iPhone as a remote which makes it even more amazing (rock ‘n scroll) https://beetle.de    

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Draw a Stickman

Sometimes we see things and think: “wow, this is really nice”. This morning we came across this really simple but cool concept. We could tell you what happens, but it’s sooo much cooler to just check it out yourself! Have fun https://www.drawastickman.com

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A bcard doesn’t have to be boring

de kiekens corporate identity

Once in a while, clients asks us to make bcards for them. As real digital natives, we often hesitate because 1. why not make an about.me  page (it’s easier and above all: free!) 2. we do online stuff. But when the briefing is cool or the brand is nice, we sometimes make exceptions. Currently we’re working […]

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