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Peugeot Pinterest campaign

Pinterest is hot right now. This new social network is an online pinboard that let’s people share beautiful things they find on the web. Like any other social network, brands are testing the possibilities of this network as a marketing tool. One of the first ones  to do this in a cool and simple way […]

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How’s social doing lately?

Stats. About Facebook. About Twitter. About LinkedIn. And Youtube of course. And a little about Instagram. And Goolge+. And Foursquare. Oh yes and Flickr.  

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Facebook timeline

It’s quite a hot topic, the discussion about whether or not the new Facebook changes are cool. Some say the changes are only for the creatives or under 25 ‘s. Other’s think they did a good job. We are particularly fond of the new Facebook timeline of the profile.  We love the idea of history, […]

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(dutch) De winnaars zijn bekend!

Geweldig! Een heleboel mensen deden mee aan onze snorrenwedstrijd! Merci! Nu is het tijd om de winnaars bekend te maken! …. Tromgeroffel….. Rom…Bom…Trom… Een gedeelde 3e plaats voor…Louise Martens met haar “I <3 Mr.Duke” en Geoffrey De Muer & Sébastien Leveillé met “Mediavan vs. Media Belgium” De 2e plaats gaat naar…De mannen van Byttebier met hun “Something’s wrong […]

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Twitter usage

Twitter infographic

Lab 42  created a really nice infographic about the usage of Twitter. Interesting to discover the main raison why people are following brands. To get discounts!  Something to bear in mind and one to read!

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We’re back

we're back

Yes we are back in business! So don’t hesitate to call us with your questions, comments or for a random chitchat! Oh yes, if you want to read some interesting notes about how to use social media in your business (! in Dutch), go and check out this short dissertation of Hannes Van de Velde. […]

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